The ugliest but most thoughtful cake ever

The ugliest but most thoughtful cake ever


Thursday our coworkers threw a party for Lou and me.  Lots of food,a few gifts, and an out pouring of love and support that left me tearing up on the way home. We only expected a cake. What a cake!

Friday we got the call. Tuesday’s surgery was called off.  He had developed an antigen that made direct transplant from me impossible.


I cried.  A lot.

I called Mom.  I called Lou’s son. I called the co worker who had arranged the party to be with Lou.  I washed the snot off and went into the store where once again the support was incredible.  It was like a lake supporting you while you float. ( Without the whole drowning possibility, but maybe some fish nibblers in there.)

We called my transplant coordinator to go over what she had told us since after the first sentence of her call everything else goes fuzzy.  Our next step is a meeting with the person in charge of exchanges and chains to see if/ when I can donate to someone who’s in the same situation as Lou and I.  That’s Thursday.  Good news is we’re both match able and not rare types.  Bad news is I ate a box of ice cream sandwiches and a bag of kettle corn in 24 hrs.

Here’s me!

Here’s me!

I signed up for this blog a year ago and this is my first post- don’t rush into any thing if you can overthink it first!
This is the first assignment in WP Blogging 101.
Lets try some bullet points….
-I come from a family that would rather read than do just about anything besides cooking and, in my case, playing with yarn. This explains the books in every room and the billows of dog hair and laundry that surround them.
-I think I have more yarn than books. See next point…
-I get distracted easily by color. And shiny. sparkles. ooohh glitter…I’ve spent more time looking at the colors of my site than the tech.
-My yard is the cobbler’s kid. I’ve been in the nursery industry for more than thirty years and my garden is at the peak of beauty as a foot of snow has mashed down and covered the weeds and debris. And the ice and snow sparkle. Bonus!
-I have reared and released hundreds of squirrels and rabbits while working with South Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. I cringe when I see road kill and have gotten out of the car on more than one occasion to make sure it was dead.
-I can make a mortise and tenon joint, tile a bathroom, paint, dry lay a patio, build a stone retaining wall, and do small plumbing but not electrical. I am hampered in these by hating ladders and an inability to measure accurately. (Family motto: “cut it once, cut it twice, and its still to short!”)

So basically I’m the type of person who gets lost in book stores, yarn and art stores, nurseries, and hardware stores. I’ll stay at B&N while you go to Macy’s.
I also can’t spell.

So what’s the purpose of my blog? To improve my writing skills. To share with people interested in similar things. To finish projects by showing them and knowing people are watching. To know myself better through my posts.